Great Crested Grebe (common)

Podiceps cristatus


48cm long with a wingspan of 88 cm. In breeding plumage the head has a distinctive black crest of feathers, and russet and black ear tufts. The pink bill is sharply pointed.

In winter the appearance is much plainer. key features are the dark line between the eye and bill, and white area above the eye.

The juvenile has zebra-like black stripes on the head which help to conceal it amongst the waterside vegetation.


Moorhen (common)

Gallinula chloropus


34cm long with a wingspan of 52 cm. Adults are  dark brown-black with thin white line along each side and a yellow-tipped red bill which extends upwards into a shield.

juveniles are brown with a thin white line along each side and pale throat .


Lapwing, Peewit (Common)

Vanellus vanellus

30cm long with a wingspan of 84cm. Upper-parts are black with a green and purple iridescent sheen, underparts are white with a black band across the upper breast. The adult has a long, thin, upturned head crest, longer in breeding males. In breeding plumage the throat is white.

Juveniles have a short crest and orange edging to the feathers creating a scaled appearance to the upper-parts.

Grey Heron (common)

Ardea cinerea


94cm long with a wingspan of 185 cm. The body is grey above, white below the black markings. The head and neck are mainly white, with distinctive black markings running from the eye back into long narrow crest feathers. juveniles are mainly grey with no crest.