Great Crested Grebe (common)

Podiceps cristatus


48cm long with a wingspan of 88 cm. In breeding plumage the head has a distinctive black crest of feathers, and russet and black ear tufts. The pink bill is sharply pointed.

In winter the appearance is much plainer. key features are the dark line between the eye and bill, and white area above the eye.

The juvenile has zebra-like black stripes on the head which help to conceal it amongst the waterside vegetation.


Moorhen (common)

Gallinula chloropus


34cm long with a wingspan of 52 cm. Adults are  dark brown-black with thin white line along each side and a yellow-tipped red bill which extends upwards into a shield.

juveniles are brown with a thin white line along each side and pale throat .


Lapwing, Peewit (Common)

Vanellus vanellus

30cm long with a wingspan of 84cm. Upper-parts are black with a green and purple iridescent sheen, underparts are white with a black band across the upper breast. The adult has a long, thin, upturned head crest, longer in breeding males. In breeding plumage the throat is white.

Juveniles have a short crest and orange edging to the feathers creating a scaled appearance to the upper-parts.

Grey Heron (common)

Ardea cinerea


94cm long with a wingspan of 185 cm. The body is grey above, white below the black markings. The head and neck are mainly white, with distinctive black markings running from the eye back into long narrow crest feathers. juveniles are mainly grey with no crest.

Great Tit (Common)

Parus major

14 cm long with a wingspan of 24cm. Yellow green above with blue-grey wings and tail, yellow below with a black stripe running all the way from breast to tail. Males have a very broad black stripe, females have a narrower, broken stripe and paler yellow underparts. The head is black with white cheek patches.

Juveniles have a dulll cap and yellow cheeks.



Robin (Common)

Erithacus rubecula

14cm long with a wingspan of 21cm. Male and females are alike, with a brown back and red breast. Young Robins are blotchy brown and dp not develop a red  brest until they are 2 or 3 mouths old.




Shag eat fish

Phalacrocorax Aristotelis

72 cm long with a wingspan of 98 cm. Adults are black with yellow line around the gape of the hooked bill. In breeding plumage, the feathers have a shiny green sheen and short crest of feathers on the crown of the head gives the appearance pf a steep forehead. Juvenile are brown.




Haematopus Ostralegus

42cm long with a wingspan of 83cm Black and white with a long, sturdy, orange-red bill and reddish legs. In winter plumage the throat has a white collar.







28cm long with a wingspan of 55 cm. Black above, white below with orange legs. In breeding plumage the face is white and the triangular bill is multicoloured, but at other times the face is grey and bill is dull in colour. Juveniles resemble non-breeding Adults.





22cm long wingspan of 40cm. Mainly black with green and purple gloss, literally speckled with white spots during autumn and winter. The spots during autumn and winter. The spots are at the tips of the feathers and by the spring they have worn away, reavealing the glossy iridescent summer plumage.